Visiting A Boy's Room by Sheena D.

There aren’t flowers in Darnell’s yard, just big rocks. He unlocks the door and says, “Take off your shoes.” I do as I’m told. I’m wearing Vans. White Girl Shoes. At Holy Spirit Academy, Black girls wear Lugz, Fila, and Nikes. White girls do Sketchers, Keds, and Vans. Everybody rocks Adidas and New Balances. No one wears Champions. I’d wanted British Knights until Tamika said BK stands for Blood Killers, and if I wore them, I’d be called a Crip. The Vans are a betrayal, but I prefer being outcast over having my ass whooped. The first time I wore them, Tamika let me borrow her aunt’s Fashion Fair lipstick. Armed with a crimson-lipped confidence, I forgot I had anything to lose. No one said jack about my shoes. Not to my face.

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